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The one and only complete similar simulation preparation for the ieGAT exam.

Preparation for the IE Global Admission Test

No compromises. 100% success rate. Study at IE University.


A Full Follow-up

From the completion of the application form to your acceptance, we guide you through each step of your registration at IE University


Practice Tests

We offer you exclusive practice tests with examples of questions and exercises similar to those found in the ieGAT.


Alumni Guidance

Do you feel lost? Need advice? As former students of IE University, we provide you with a wide range of resources and assistance in multiple languages, including French, English and Spanish. 

Discover IE University

Discover IE University

A community from all over the world. A dream comes true. Join IE University with

The Campuses

We offer you a complete virtual tour of the Segovia and Madrid campuses where you will spend your next few years of study, regardless of the university program you wish to join. For the Segovia campus, it's here. For the Madrid campus, it's here.

The Programs

Do you dream of entering IE University but don’t know which program to choose? Are you having trouble understanding the difference between LLM and MBA? Then the next page is just what you need. Click here for a complete overview of the different programs in order to find the right program for you.

Do you have to pass the ieGAT?

Our PDFs are your best option! Pass the ieGAT thanks to our practical simulations which are exactly similar to the IE admission test.

Successfully complete the ieGAT

Successfully complete the ieGAT

80 minutes. 60 questions. Only one attempt.

A complete simulation

We have prepared a comprehensive and exclusive guide, similar with the official IE University admission test. Learn everything you need to know about the ieGAT

Answers to your questions

How long does the test take? Can we use a calculator? Are all the questions equally difficult? You have questions, we have the answers.

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Benjamin M.

I am very happy I bought this test preparation product. The explanations of the diagrams are very detailed! This was my main weakness and a source of serious worry!

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